Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wishing you a .....

A little over a year and a half ago we moved into our trailer and headed out as full-time RVer‘s. So far it’s been a great time! We are both so thankful that we have been able to adopt this gypsy lifestyle. Family, friends and health top the “thankful list”, the freedom to travel around our country, along with all of our wonderful freedoms in this country, are also on that list. There is just so much to be thankful for!

It’s been beautiful here in California. The temperatures have been in the 80’s, fabulous for the end of November. We decided to fix a little Thanksgiving dinner for the two of us today rather than go to the potluck in the campground. A cozy little turkey dinner for two will be just right! Dave & I wish you all a fabulous Thanksgiving, hope your day is wonderful!

Dave, Cheye & me at Hood Park in May 2008

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wilderness Lakes

We’ve been at Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes for a week now. So far we haven’t done anything particularly exciting, a little shopping and a hair cut here in Menifee, a trip to Costco in Lake Elsinore, CA and lots of relaxing. Of course there have been many walks around the park, also to the big empty field that is next to the park. Cheye can be off her leash in the field and run to her heart’s content.

Photos of the birds that are here in the park is another pastime. We take a lot of the same photos when we are here, but hey, the birds are pretty! I haven’t seen the Great Blue Herons this time and the Egrets are being somewhat allusive, but lots of ducks, geese and another bird that I don’t know what it is. A photo of the unknown-to-me bird is top left…any ideas? I’m sure it is a common bird but we didn't have them in eastern Washington!

Top left: not sure what kind of bird this is
1. Cheye in her "fenced yard"
2 ,3, 4, 5: Birds at Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little trip to California

After being in the same place for a couple months it felt like time to hit the road, so we headed out to California and are currently parked at Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes near Menifee, CA. We arrived Tuesday, after an 8 hour drive from Cottonwood, and managed to snag a site right on the canal…it’s fun to watch the ducks and other waterfowl when we sit outside. The park isn’t as full as we have seen it but that will change as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, after picking up some groceries, we sat outside and relaxed by the canal. A few of our neighbors were out fishing and caught some catfish. Cheye really wanted to check out those flopping fish on the fishing lines. Today was a nice relaxing day, which I think will be the theme for the rest of this week. Next week our friends will be joining us here for a few days of camping. It should be fun!

Top: some ducks & geese waddling by
Right: a view from the park
1. one of the canals in the park
2. sunset view from our site
3 - 5. views around the park

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Beautiful Week

It has been gorgeous here at Thousand Trails Verde Valley near Cottonwood, AZ. Cool crisp nights in the 30’s and sunny glorious days in the 80‘s. It’s what I call 2 outfit weather, morning and evenings you need a sweater , long pants and shoes. Afternoons it’s tank tops, shorts and sandals…really perfect weather as far as I’m concerned. The leaves are finally dropping from the trees, it’s so pretty to watch them twirl and swirl to the ground…particularly since I don’t have to rake them up! ;o)

Our week has been fairly quiet. We did cross paths with some people we met here last year, Dave & Anne from England. They are such nice people, we had a great visit with them the other evening and plan to get together again before we all head off in different directions. Otherwise it’s been a week of the usual grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, reading, computing and walking. That is not a complaint…it is just how I like it, relaxed and peaceful.

Top: A balloon floating by the campground this morning
1. Moonrise last weekend
2. another pic of the balloon floating by the campground
3. & 4. - two pics of yesterday's sunset as it changed
Finally I'm posting some of the video we took when we went on the Grand Canyon Railroad to the Grand Canyon!