Monday, January 23, 2012

Still in Quartzsite

Still in Quartzsite

We’re still in Quartzsite, AZ …we’ve been boondocking for a while now, almost 2 solid months!   It’s been very enjoyable but I think we will be ready to hook up to water/power/sewer when we leave here in a couple weeks.

The big Quartzsite show is going now and this place is hopping.  Lots of RV’s, lots of people!  The parks here are full and the BLM areas are as busy as I’ve ever seen them.  We went in to the big tent this morning and looked around.  Lots of fun stuff.   The big tent has a little higher end items than what you often find in Quartzsite, but the outside booths have some good things too.

We really haven’t been doing anything too noteworthy…walks, reading, surfing the net…just livin’ life and having a nice time out in the desert.

The big tent

Inside the big tent

Pretty Quartzsite sunset

Out on a walk in the desert

Interesting cactus

Little tiny flower (that my finger to show how small the flower is)

It amazes me how many different colors the rocks are out in the desert

Big moon over Quartzsite

Moon slipping behind the hills

Big cactus in the early morning light, next to where we are parked

Pretty sunrise in Quartzsite, AZ