Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot weather preparations

One of the things we did before heading south was to prepare a bit for hot weather. We purchased vent cushions along with a couple rolls of that foil thin insulation. We cut the thin insulation to fit all our windows, blocking the sun from heating up the trailer. It's easy to put up and take down so we only use it when needed. Wow, what a difference it makes! Of course if we put up the insulation in all the windows it is very dark in the trailer…I think Cheye likes it, kind of puts her in touch with her dog roots of living in a den! ;o) Our air conditioner can keep the trailer wonderfully cool when we have the insulation up, before it only took the temp down about 5 degrees cooler than outside. Good purchases if you’re going to be in hot weather.

Thousand Trails San Benito isn’t particularly picturesque right now, most of the grass is brown as are the surrounding hills so I don’t have a lot of photos of just the park. We have seen some wildlife; a bobcat trotting by our first night here (haven’t seen it since), a number of deer, rabbits, quail and hoards of ground squirrels and gophers. Of course Cheye loves the squirrels and gophers, she lays outside and watches them by the hour…cheap entertainment!

Above: the thin insulation in one window
1. the hills around San Benito when we were here last March
2. the hills around San Benito now
3. the family pool
4. a deer
5. a rabbit

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Friday we decided to go into Gilroy, CA in search of a freestanding canopy with a netting so we could sit outside in bug-free shade. Walmart had a one. It’s been great to use as there are an abundance of flying bugs here. Much nicer to read a book outside without having to swat bugs!

It’s been rather hot the last couple days, in the high 90’s and even over 100 yesterday, so we’ve been visiting the adult pool here at Thousand Trails San Benito. Yesterday we went swimming after lunch along with a lot of other campers! We did meet a number of nice people. Today it warmed up early so around 10:00 a.m. it was off to the pool again. A couple we’d met yesterday, Jim & Jackie, also showed up and we had a great time chatting with them. Always fun to meet fun people!

Top: Our new canopy set up by the trailer
Below: (all taken at Thousand Trails San Benito, CA)
1. a view of the hills one morning we had some fog
2. a bunny
3. a quail

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Guess I let a little time get by since my last post! We left Thousand Trails Ponderosa in Lotus California yesterday and are currently at Thousand Trails San Benito which is in Paicines, CA. We stayed here for a week last February and will be here a little over a week this time. In February it was a bit chilly and we had a fair amount of rain. I remember getting together with two other couples for wine & snacks while we were all bundled in coats and had the awnings out so we didn’t get rained on. This time it’s warm and sunny, we have even gone to the pool for a swim yesterday and today.

Today was kinda busy, laundry in the morning and then to Gilbert, CA to go to Costco, Camping World and Walmart. Nothing real exciting but it certainly took up most of the day. Back to relaxing tomorrow.

All of the photos and video on today’s post were taken at Ponderosa. For some reason I enjoyed our stay there more this time than when we stayed there before…not sure why. Maybe the weather was better, maybe it was our site close to the river, or that we met a number of nice people, who knows. It was a fun stay, I’m glad we camped there again.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just enjoying

We’ve been having a fine time here at Ponderosa in Lotus, CA. The weather has been great, in the mid 80’s, and is supposed to get warmer over the next few days.

Our days have mostly been hanging out at the park; taking Cheye swimming, reading, doing cross stitch, relaxing, watching the rafters go by, but we have got out a bit too. There is no laundry facilities at this campground so we went into Placerville to do laundry and some grocery shopping a couple days ago. A small group of shops and restaurants are just across the road from the campground and we have tried both the Mexican restaurant and a pizza place. I thought they were both very good. All in all a very nice last few days!

Photo: Our site
Video: a slide show and some video taken at Thousand Trails Ponderosa

Friday, June 12, 2009


The park really filled up yesterday, I don't think there are a dozen sites open now. Obviously school has finished for the year and families are ready to get out and enjoy some camping. Can't blame them, it has been beautiful here in Lotus CA.

Thousand Trails Ponderosa is really a pretty park with the river being the big attraction. I know Cheye sure loves it, she's been in swimming every day, twice yesterday. Having a site close to the river has been entertaining with all of the rafters floating by. Dave was down by the river yesterday and caught some on video so I have it posted below.

hmmmm... this video was done in HD so the format seems a bit wide for my blog... oh well!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Made it!

Evidently the Dodge dealership knew what they were doing! Not only does the pickup seem to be fixed but it only cost us around $100.00 rather than the $700.00 bill at the transmission shop! Quite a difference.

Our trip today was only around 80 miles, from Marysville, CA to Thousand Trails Ponderosa in Lotus, CA. We stayed at this park last October for a week and really enjoyed it so thought we would stay here again. The park is smaller than most Thousand Trails but it’s very nice. The American River runs along one side of the park and we happened to snag a site close to the river. The sites here by the river are a little close but it’s so pleasant to sit out and watch the river and occasionally see a kayak or raft float by we decide to park here.

Both taken at Thousand Trails Ponderosa of the American River

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Short trip

Well….we got to test out the repair on the pickup transmission today…it failed :o( So instead of heading out we drove straight to Marysville, CA back to the shop. The pickup problem has totally baffled the transmission guys. The good news is they refunded all our money and got us an appointment tomorrow morning at the Dodge dealership in town. The bad news is since we will be going to a dealership I imagine we will spend all the refunded money plus some to get it worked on. We just hope they can fix it.

We found a RV park in Yuba City, not far from the dealership, so we are staying here for the night. It’s called Travelhome Park, it’s fine, super nice people running the place. Hopefully we are only here for the night!

Top: Cheye in the pickup
Bottom: we had to drop the trailer in the alley behind the transmission shop while they tried to repair the pickup.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Storm and quiet

There was a big thunder and lightning storm last Wednesday night. Looks like it hit a lot of the west coast. The storm went on all night here in Oregon House, most of the time it was like flashbulbs going off at a Hollywood premiere. I had never seen anything like it! Friday we had dinner at the campground café and chatted with a man that grew up in Oklahoma. He said he enjoyed the storm, made him feel like he was back home. :o)

We haven’t done much out of the ordinary this week; walks, internet surfing, cross stitching, reading… Today we went into Marysville, CA to grocery shop. It is about ½ - ¾ hour away but not a bad drive. The local grocery is pretty limited which is why we went into Marysville.

Just a couple more nights here at Lake of the Springs. As usual we are really enjoying it here!

Photos - all taken at Thousand Trails Lake of the Springs
Top: Our site
1. a beautiful sunset
2. Cheye in the lake
3. a deer by our site
4. some type of blue bird

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back in California

From Bend we drove down to Redding, CA and stayed at Premier RV Park there. We had stopped at Premier RV for a couple nights on our trip south last year. We prefer to stay at the Thousand Trails parks, taking advantage of our membership, but from Oregon to California there are a lot of miles with no Thousand Trails so we broke up the trip in Redding. We are currently at our favorite northern California Thousand Trail park Lake of the Springs in Oregon House, CA. We will be here a week.

Our trip was not without a few hiccups this time. We had to have a couple repairs done, a boot for the turbo boost got a hole in it plus we had some transmission problems. The pickup kept jumping out of overdrive, so we had to drive rather slowly until it would jump back into overdrive. However both problems have been fixed and hopefully the pickup is all better for a while!

So far we have had great weather at Lake of the Springs. We took Cheye down to the dog run/swim area today and she had a nice paddle around. Such a nice park, it is our third stay here but we still really enjoy it!

Top: the view from our "back patio"
Right: our site
Below: Cheye swimming
A cool shot Dave took of a bee