Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back in California

From Bend we drove down to Redding, CA and stayed at Premier RV Park there. We had stopped at Premier RV for a couple nights on our trip south last year. We prefer to stay at the Thousand Trails parks, taking advantage of our membership, but from Oregon to California there are a lot of miles with no Thousand Trails so we broke up the trip in Redding. We are currently at our favorite northern California Thousand Trail park Lake of the Springs in Oregon House, CA. We will be here a week.

Our trip was not without a few hiccups this time. We had to have a couple repairs done, a boot for the turbo boost got a hole in it plus we had some transmission problems. The pickup kept jumping out of overdrive, so we had to drive rather slowly until it would jump back into overdrive. However both problems have been fixed and hopefully the pickup is all better for a while!

So far we have had great weather at Lake of the Springs. We took Cheye down to the dog run/swim area today and she had a nice paddle around. Such a nice park, it is our third stay here but we still really enjoy it!

Top: the view from our "back patio"
Right: our site
Below: Cheye swimming
A cool shot Dave took of a bee

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