Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in Arizona

Flowers on a tree across from our site
We’ve made our way back to Arizona; to Thousand Trails Verde Valley in Cottonwood.  Our first stop after leaving Oregon House, CA was just east of Bakersfield at Orange Grove RV Park, the second night on the road we stopped at Blake Ranch RV Park just east of Kingman, AZ.  Both nice parks, Orange Grove RV park is actually in an orange grove!  Blake Ranch is nice and clean but a little noisy, just down the road from a truck stop and not far from the freeway.  Both are a parking-lot type of park but with large sites.  I’d happily stay at either one again for a night or two.

Once we got to Cottonwood we met up with our friends Ron and Marilyn.  A good time was had by all!  :o)  The four of us went out to dinner a couple times, had some great wine, snacks and did lots of catching up.  Since Ron and Marilyn left Dave, myself and Cheye have mostly been hanging out at the park and relaxing.  One trip up to Camping World in Flagstaff, otherwise it’s been quiet and enjoyable.
Our site at Verde Valley

Ron & Marilyn's coach at Verde Valley

Sunrise at Verde Valley

It's not real bright, but there is a rainbow that looks like it ends at the hot air balloon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

A little further south

Great views
On Tuesday we drove to Oregon House, CA to stay at Thousand Trails Lake of the Springs preserve.  I think this is the 4th time we’ve stayed here, obviously we like the park!   Our site is along the edge of a hill so there is a fabulous view. The weather has been terrific, in the low 80’s with a little breeze. 

Unfortunately Cheye’s rash  returned Wednesday, this time it is below her nose rather than above.  We found a Vet on the internet and took her in yesterday.  This Veterinarian took a culture and found  infection so now Cheye is on antibiotics.  Poor baby!

Besides the Vet trip we’ve been hanging out here at the park.  Doing the usual; walking, internet surfing and a little reading.  With such amazing view and  fabulous weather we just want to stay  put and enjoy!

A condor vulture flying over
Cheye on a walk
View while on a walk
View out our back window

Monday, September 6, 2010

Redding, CA

Mt. Shasta
This morning it was time to leave Thousand Trails Bend.  I know I have said it before but the Bend park is so pretty.  The weather was good during our stay although it got kinda cool some nights.  As a matter of  fact  it was 28 degrees  this morning when we took off!    We drove to Redding, CA today and it was a much more acceptable 90 degrees.

Tonight we are staying at Premier RV Resort,  I think this is the third time we've stayed here.  Redding is a good place to stop on our route and although this park is kinda spendy we like it…nice level concrete pads, full hook-ups, pool, very well kept bathrooms, nicely landscaped with large trees that aren’t in the way, fenced in pet area and free continental breakfast!   Just for one night…kind of a little treat while we are en route to AZ.  :o)

Lake Shasta
view of from our site at Premier RV Resort Redding, CA
Our site
At Thousand Trails Bend, Oregon
Cheye at Thousand Trails Bend Oregon

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bend Oregon

Wow…September already? It doesn’t seem possible but here it is!

We arrived at Thousand Trails Bend in Sunriver Oregon on Sunday. Over the last 4 days the weather has covered from warm and sunny to cold and snow…well it was actually snow and rain mixed but still snow in August! The park is just as lovely as last time we visited in May 2009.

Cheye had a weird episode while we were still in Seaside. First her muzzle started to swell, she had that happen long ago when a bee stung her in the mouth so I knew to give her Benadryl. The swelling didn’t totally go away and then she broke out with a horrible bumpy, weepy rash on her snout so it was off to the Vet. Happily we found one open on a Saturday in Astoria, OR. They weren’t sure what it was but thought maybe
she stuck her nose in some stinging nettles or some other type of bramble bush and had an allergic reaction to it. The Vet gave her a couple injections, 2 different types of cortisone, had me up the amount of Benadryl I was giving her and gave us some ointment to put on the rash. Ever try to put gooey ointment on a dog’s nose when they didn’t want you to?? Well we got it done and she is much better now. Still a little raw on her snout but at least now it doesn’t look like raw hamburger !

Top - the 3 Sisters
Right - Cheye's poor nose before we went to the Vet
Below -
1. Between the trees you can see the snow coming down the other morning
2 and 3. The Little Deschutes River that runs through the park