Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in Arizona

Flowers on a tree across from our site
We’ve made our way back to Arizona; to Thousand Trails Verde Valley in Cottonwood.  Our first stop after leaving Oregon House, CA was just east of Bakersfield at Orange Grove RV Park, the second night on the road we stopped at Blake Ranch RV Park just east of Kingman, AZ.  Both nice parks, Orange Grove RV park is actually in an orange grove!  Blake Ranch is nice and clean but a little noisy, just down the road from a truck stop and not far from the freeway.  Both are a parking-lot type of park but with large sites.  I’d happily stay at either one again for a night or two.

Once we got to Cottonwood we met up with our friends Ron and Marilyn.  A good time was had by all!  :o)  The four of us went out to dinner a couple times, had some great wine, snacks and did lots of catching up.  Since Ron and Marilyn left Dave, myself and Cheye have mostly been hanging out at the park and relaxing.  One trip up to Camping World in Flagstaff, otherwise it’s been quiet and enjoyable.
Our site at Verde Valley

Ron & Marilyn's coach at Verde Valley

Sunrise at Verde Valley

It's not real bright, but there is a rainbow that looks like it ends at the hot air balloon!


shabby girl said...

Great sunrise picture! I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you telling us about the parks that you stay in along your way. Great information for us.

We're in CA for the rest of the year visiting family. We managed to sell our house and go fulltime this month! Yea!

Dave and Lori said...

Hey there!!! I was wondering where you were, you haven't posted on your blog for a long time. I'm so glad you finally got the house sold so you could go fulltime. Hope you two love it as much as we do.

shabby girl said...

I had to start a new blog, of a new email address.
I think the dogs are still wondering what is going on. LOL! But as long as Wilson, the golden, has the bed, he's fine. :)

Dave and Lori said...

I should have looked at your profile and I would have seen that!! Thanks, I'll be following you now...I always love your photos. Thanks for sending the link.