Monday, April 11, 2011

More of Quartzsite

We’ve had a great stay at here at Quartzsite, AZ.  There have been a few days with wind, a couple with rain, but mostly it’s been lovely weather.  Our friends Dave & Anne did come for a 3 day visit which was a lot of fun.  During their stay Cheyenne stirred up another visitor

Yep…a rattlesnake.  It was not a happy camper!  Dave chased it away from our campsite with a shovel and we haven’t seen it since.

The area is rather empty , most of the snowbirds have headed north I guess.  We will be here a couple more days before we begin our slow trip north…just love this 80 degree weather and hate to leave it!
Our trailer and Dave & Anne's coach parked out in Quartzsite

Flowers in the desert

more blooms in the desert

out on a walk in Quartzsite

yet another fabulous Quartzsite sunset

Monday, April 4, 2011

One Big Circle

At Laughlin
We left Quartzsite on March 9 and traveled up to Laughlin, NV.  Friends Chad & Robin from Tri-Cities, WA were flying down to Laughlin for a few days so we decided to meet up with them.  We stayed at Don Laughlin’s Riverside RV Resort so we were within walking distance of the casinos and restaurants.    It was great to see our friends again, we had a fun visit, went to some yummy restaurants, strolled along the Riverwalk, took the water taxi to visit some of the far off casinos and just had a good time.

From Laughlin we drove to one of our favorite Thousand Trails parks… Verde Valley in Cottonwood, AZ.  The weather was good and the stay peaceful.  We did drive up to Flagstaff one day.  Another day we went to visit our friends Ron & Marilyn at Lake Pleasant.  Other than that we really didn’t do much that was blog-worthy!

A confused bird on our hummingbird feeder
Now we are back at Quartzsite…like the title says, one big circle!  It’s been a bit windy since we got here but that’s okay because it’s also been warm.  We can’t run our air conditioner while we are running on solar power and our generator isn’t powerful enough to run the air either….so a breeze is welcome!   We are expecting our friends Dave & Anne to join us here for a few days before they head home to England.  Looking forward to seeing them and catching up on what they have been doing.

Our site at Don Laughlin's RV Park
Not a lot of space, but it worked
The RV Park
Harrah's  Laughlin, NV

The Riverwalk Laughlin, NV

Another view of the Riverwalk

The water taxi

The Colorado Belle Laughlin, NV

On the water taxi
L-R  Lori, Dave, Marilyn, Robin, Chad

Happy dog in Cottonwood

Hills in Quartzsite
glowing hills while the sun sets
Another amazing Quartzsite sunset