Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!   I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and fabulous New Year!

We arrived in Quartzsite, AZ  on the 14th,  coming from Borrego Springs, CA.  It’s was a wonderful 2 + weeks at Borrego.  Mike and Joan joined us a few days before we took off, it was fun to have some company.  Oh…we did have friends Gary and Janice stop by for a few hours one day also.  Besides that it was just us 3, Dave, Cheyenne and me.  Another beautiful, relaxing boondocking stay.

A little snow in the hills near Borrego Springs
A pretty Borrego sunrise
Our silly, sweet girl
The moon coming over the hills

Our plan is to be in the Quartzsite area through the big show.  We’ve never been but understand it gets a bit insane around here, so we thought we’d arrive early!  The show isn’t until the end of January, I imagine it will be hopping around here but it should be fun.  So far it’s pretty quiet…but more people arrive daily.

Out in the desert by Quartzsite, AZ

See the sticks up in the arms of the cactus?  Maybe a nest?

Don't get too close :o)

"Our" firepit and view where we are camping near Quartzsite

Looking for lizards

A nice sunny day!