Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bend Oregon

Wow…September already? It doesn’t seem possible but here it is!

We arrived at Thousand Trails Bend in Sunriver Oregon on Sunday. Over the last 4 days the weather has covered from warm and sunny to cold and snow…well it was actually snow and rain mixed but still snow in August! The park is just as lovely as last time we visited in May 2009.

Cheye had a weird episode while we were still in Seaside. First her muzzle started to swell, she had that happen long ago when a bee stung her in the mouth so I knew to give her Benadryl. The swelling didn’t totally go away and then she broke out with a horrible bumpy, weepy rash on her snout so it was off to the Vet. Happily we found one open on a Saturday in Astoria, OR. They weren’t sure what it was but thought maybe
she stuck her nose in some stinging nettles or some other type of bramble bush and had an allergic reaction to it. The Vet gave her a couple injections, 2 different types of cortisone, had me up the amount of Benadryl I was giving her and gave us some ointment to put on the rash. Ever try to put gooey ointment on a dog’s nose when they didn’t want you to?? Well we got it done and she is much better now. Still a little raw on her snout but at least now it doesn’t look like raw hamburger !

Top - the 3 Sisters
Right - Cheye's poor nose before we went to the Vet
Below -
1. Between the trees you can see the snow coming down the other morning
2 and 3. The Little Deschutes River that runs through the park


Sue and Doug said...

poor Cheyene..hope she is feeling better!!

Dave and Lori said...

Hi! Cheye's nose is healing, just seems to be a bit itchy, but much better.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Glad to see Cheyenne i healing, we worry as much about Rigg's when he is feeling down as we do the boys. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Dave and Lori said...

Hi... yep, dogs are as much family as people. The worst part is you know they feel bad but they can't tell you exactly how the feel. BTW, her snout is looking even better this morning. A little pink and only 1 scab left! :o)