Friday, August 20, 2010

To the beach

This morning was so lovely, sunshine and calm, we decided to pack up a few things and head down to the beach.   Since arriving here Dave has walked to the beach every day on his  morning 5 mile walks.  Cheye and I have opted for a shorter 2 mile route around the Thousand Trails park, so this was Cheye and my first walk in the sand/ocean on this beach trip.  Cheye had a blast running in the water so, of course, I had to video it and share it with you!

Once back to the park we lounged around the trailer for a bit before walking to the Post Office to pick up mail.  From there we followed the Prom along the beach and then back to the RV park.  Added a few more miles to our usual daily exercise!

Photos: taken this morning at Seaside, Oregon


Sue and Doug said...

there is nothing like a golden running on the beach!!..we have missed the videos of Cheye on the beach..they grow up so fast!!!!

Dave and Lori said...

Hi guys! Cheye loves the sand, ocean and chasing seagulls...and boy does she sleep all afternoon after a morning at the beach!