Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seaside Oregon

This is our first visit to Thousand Trails Seaside, OR…really nice park! It is about a mile to the beach, but the park is good sized and well maintained. The weather has been pretty darn good for the
Oregon coast, in the 60’s and we have actually seen the sun 3 of the 4 days we have been here! It’s been foggy/misty each morning
and evening but that is pretty standard for this area. We went out to dinner a couple nights ago at the Taste of Tuscany restaurant, yummy!

Tuesday was a sad day for us…friends, Gary and Ann Miller, died when their home in Zillah, WA burned down. (here is an article about the fire) Dave had known Gary for years. I think the nagging question is why they didn’t make it out of their home in time. Gary was a Washington State Trooper and Ann was a dispatch manager for the Washington State Patrol, so they had emergency training. Ann called 911 to report the fire but all 3 people in the home perished. Perhaps the home collapsed on them as they tried to get out or maybe they were trying to alert the guest staying in the basement…probably will never know. I do know they will be greatly missed, Gary and Ann were super people.

Photos:  All taken at Thousand Trails Seaside, OR

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Sue and Doug said...

sorry to hear about your friends..sending condolences your way..

Dave and Lori said...

Thank is appreciated.