Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still here!

We are still in the Chehalis, WA area but should be getting back on the road in less than 2 weeks. It's been a great place to stay for a couple months. We are out in the country but close to shopping and restaurants, Cheye has a big fenced-in yard and Jim & Kathy are so easy to get along with!

Last weekend we went down to Vancouver, WA to visit with my family. It was fun, a picnic out at my sister's home, unfortunately I forgot my camera. I was glad Mom and we 3 siblings were able to all get together at least once before Dave & I head south again. My sister's 2 sons attended and a Seattle cousin that just happened to be in town that day was there too. A nice get together.

Now begins the task of re-organizing and tossing out some clutter we have accumulated. I have a Goodwill bag started but need to go through a few more cupboards. It's so easy to collect stuff when the trailer is parked in one place for so long.

top left - a pretty hydrangea Kathy is growing
right - Kathy's horse
1.Kathy grew some colorful nasturtiums too
2. Stole this pic from my was too cute!

Video: Cheye is going to miss her morning romps with Jim's dog Recon...this is their routine almost every morning!


Sue and Doug said...

love the video of Cheye...nothing like a happy Golden!!!

Dave and Lori said...


Thanks and I agree...they are such fun and so sweet!