Sunday, July 18, 2010

A few memories

Our location hasn’t changed…we are still at Dave’s brother & sister-in-law’s place, “camping” in their backyard. Dave and brother Jim have kept busy…so far they have installed a Banks iQ (gives us all sorts of information about the engine, good info when towing), a 45 gallon external fuel tank/tool chest, a deeper transmission pan and some new synthetic tranny fluid, all in the pickup of course. Good stuff to have but personally I’m more excited about the new Corian sink covers they made me! :o) We looked for Corian to match the counters but as we only needed a small scrap piece we didn’t have a huge choice. I decided on a white speckled, a contrast to the counters which are black speckled. The covers that came with the trailer are a bright white plastic-type material so these look much better…not to mention they never could get us covers that fit our both sides of our sink. It is sooooo nice to have the extra counter space these new covers give me.

My project while we‘re here was to scan our old photos. It was fun going through our pics, lots of
them I hadn’t looked at in years! Thought I’d share some with you of our first RV…it was a 1975 Fireball Class C we bought in 1995. Not the fanciest thing, but it showed us the possibilities and fun of RV’ing. We took it on a few trips, the Oregon coast and to a few Washington State parks. The summers of 1996 & 1997 we rented a spot up on Rimrock Lake (on White Pass in Washington) and parked the RV up there. It was like our little cabin in the woods…Friday after work we would pack up our little pickup and spend the weekend in mountains with our dog Jazmine. Good times!

above left: new sink covers!
above right: Dave, Jazmine in our old Fireball
below 1: our old Class C
below 2,3,4: camping at Rimrock Lake, White Pass, WA


Robin said...

Awesome sink cover and I love that "red" Keurig!

Dave and Lori said...

Why thank you! :o) The littl' red Keurig is just the right size for our trailer.

Anonymous said...

We have a 77 Fireball. It has 60000 original miles on it and is in mint condition. We love the floorplan. Very roomy

Dave and Lori said...

Wow...that is great! Our's was well used by the time we got it. It was a fun way to start Rving...lots of good memories.