Sunday, June 7, 2009

Storm and quiet

There was a big thunder and lightning storm last Wednesday night. Looks like it hit a lot of the west coast. The storm went on all night here in Oregon House, most of the time it was like flashbulbs going off at a Hollywood premiere. I had never seen anything like it! Friday we had dinner at the campground café and chatted with a man that grew up in Oklahoma. He said he enjoyed the storm, made him feel like he was back home. :o)

We haven’t done much out of the ordinary this week; walks, internet surfing, cross stitching, reading… Today we went into Marysville, CA to grocery shop. It is about ½ - ¾ hour away but not a bad drive. The local grocery is pretty limited which is why we went into Marysville.

Just a couple more nights here at Lake of the Springs. As usual we are really enjoying it here!

Photos - all taken at Thousand Trails Lake of the Springs
Top: Our site
1. a beautiful sunset
2. Cheye in the lake
3. a deer by our site
4. some type of blue bird

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