Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Guess I let a little time get by since my last post! We left Thousand Trails Ponderosa in Lotus California yesterday and are currently at Thousand Trails San Benito which is in Paicines, CA. We stayed here for a week last February and will be here a little over a week this time. In February it was a bit chilly and we had a fair amount of rain. I remember getting together with two other couples for wine & snacks while we were all bundled in coats and had the awnings out so we didn’t get rained on. This time it’s warm and sunny, we have even gone to the pool for a swim yesterday and today.

Today was kinda busy, laundry in the morning and then to Gilbert, CA to go to Costco, Camping World and Walmart. Nothing real exciting but it certainly took up most of the day. Back to relaxing tomorrow.

All of the photos and video on today’s post were taken at Ponderosa. For some reason I enjoyed our stay there more this time than when we stayed there before…not sure why. Maybe the weather was better, maybe it was our site close to the river, or that we met a number of nice people, who knows. It was a fun stay, I’m glad we camped there again.

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Sharon said...

What a lucky dog; I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting; I am living vicariously through your adventures. I am SO looking forward to when we get to go on our RV trip when the economy recovers a bit.