Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last night at Bend

Today we had a few little rain drizzles, but it was still warm. A lot of the day was spent getting ready to take off in the morning. I did laundry this morning and some indoor organizing, Dave packed up the outside stuff. We also watched part of the NASCAR race, great finish!! (Yea Jimmie) We also managed to fit in time to just sit and enjoy this park for one more day. Definitely a place we will come back to.

In the slide show I have some photos taken over the two weeks we have been here. The slides of the buildings are an area of the park that is made to look like an old west town. Kinda cute.

Top: Cheye at our site
Bottom: some pretty blue birds at their home here in the park


Robin said...

no video! spot for it but nothing there :-)

Dave and Lori said...

Weird... I see it and the code is in you see it now?