Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 7 at Thousand Trails Bend

It’s been a pretty quiet day. I went into Bend and did some grocery shopping and picked up some KFC for lunch/dinner. Dave hung out at the campground and did a little TV watching, internet surfing and reading. Once I got back we went for a walk over to the river and let Cheye swim. She loved it of course. On the way back she saw a gopher run down it’s hole so she had to inspect that. Later our neighbors came by and joined us for “wine time” before dinner. Very nice couple from Oregon City, OR. Pleasant day!
Cheye in the water
Cheye and the gopher hole
Dave & Cheye
Lori & Cheye


Robin said...

Great Pictures! Thanks. Looks like Dave and Chad received the exact same haircut!

Dave and Lori said...

Hehe... you are right!


Rodney and Dennis said...

"wine time"....quite impressive! I see we've created a monster!!

Dave and Lori said...

Yep, it all started in Verde Valley!