Saturday, May 23, 2009


The other day we noticed they rented canoes here at Thousand Trails Bend which sounded like fun. We checked on it and they also did trips. The trips are unguided, you canoe for 2.5 hours to a designated point and they pick you up and drive you back, so we signed up. We were the only ones there but we had a fun trip. Probably the worst thing was the gentleman giving us directions for the trip. He isn’t the one that usually does that and he was rather vague, happily we found our way and found the meeting place. We also didn’t understand how far we were going and didn’t paddle too hard. We knew we were supposed to go under 5 wooden bridges and after one hour we had only been under one so we picked up the pace. Sooooo, my arms are really sore, I can only imagine how they will be tomorrow. I see ibuprofen in my future!

Photos - Taken today while we were canoeing
Video - Also taken while canoeing today.

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