Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day

We had a beautiful day today here in Chehalis, a bit windy but warm and sunny. The weather seemed to inspire a few more RVer’s to come camping.

We had decided a while ago that we want to spend more time in Arizona this coming winter. With only one Thousand Trail park in the state we’ve been kind of looking around trying to figure out where to stay. While Dave was out cleaning up the pickup he got into a conversation with a lady that was walking by. She and her husband stay in Tucson in the winter at a park they really enjoy. We looked at it online, read a number of reviews, checked the prices and made reservation! So with Thousand Trails Verde Valley in Cottonwood and Desert Trails RV in Tucson we have north and south Arizona covered. Should be fun.

Photos: A couple views in Thousand Trails Chehalis, WA


Randy and Terry said...

We have friends who have wintered at Desert Trails for the past 3 years and we spent a couple of weeks there this past March. Really liked it. The owners are very nice and there are lots of activities. It's about a half hour from downtown - close enough to get to easily, but far enough away from the noise. It's adjacent to Saguaro National Park which is beautiful.

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Randy & Terry,

That lines up with what Dave was told and all of the reviews we read online. We're quite excited about it! I can't wait to see Saguaro National Park


Rodney and Dennis said...

That's not the nudist park, is it? :-) Haha, seriously, there is one out on that side of town.

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Rodney & Dennis!

That's a scary thought...nude and all those cacti around. ;o) One of my favorite Farside's; two bears looking at a people in a nudist colony, one bears says to the other; I don't know about you but I lost my appetite. :o)