Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hidden deer

Yesterday was rainy on and off but the sun finally came out for the full day today… always a welcome sight. Even got to sit outside for a while today, had to wear a coat but I’m not complaining!

The park (Thousand Trails Chehalis) is probably as full as it’s been since arriving a couple weeks ago. Maybe 12 - 14 RV’s here right now. They still haven’t opened up all of the sections yet, no need to with so few people here.

When Cheye and I were out on a walk yesterday we saw some deer. Seems like there aren’t as many deer as when we were here last summer, so it is exciting when we do see them. One was trotting across the road ahead of us so I took photos (of course). It wasn’t until I got back, put the shots on the computer and cropped them that I saw there were 2 deer in the pictures! Those critters really blend into the landscape well.

Top: taken while on a walk with Cheye this morning
Below: the photos I thought was of just one deer...

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