Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This and that....

It started raining last night about 8:00 p.m. and finally slowed down about noon today. Not a hard rain, but very steady. Oh well, I guess all that rain is why it stays so green and beautiful in this park.

Laundry was on the list of things to do yesterday. I packed everything up to drive to the laundry room (we are on the opposite end of the park) and the pickup had trouble starting. So after laundry was done we made a trip over to Jim & Kathy’s to figure out the problem. One of the repairs Dave and Jim did to the pickup the other day was to replace the fuel filter and evidently something on that wasn’t quite right. They got it figured out and the pickup seems fine now. We certainly do a lot more maintenance on this pickup than we ever did on our cars, but then the cars didn’t haul our home around!

Since it was so rainy out today we didn’t do much…just a relaxing day. Did some reading, computing, stitching, cleaning (house and pickup), vacuuming, watched some TV, did the dishes, took Cheye for walks... actually, I guess we did do a fair amount. :o)

Both taken a couple days ago while walking through Thousand Trails Chehalis, WA
Video: Today in the park

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