Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nearly Empty Park

It surprises me how empty this beautiful park is. Since Tuesday there have been about 7 RV’s here, and I think 3 of those are coaches or trailers of people that work in the park. Over the weekend there were a few more campers, maybe another 6 to 8 rigs, so still not many. I’m not complaining at all I just expected to see more people here, after all Thousand Trails Chehalis has over 300 campsites. I imagine it will change drastically after Memorial Day.

The weather really cooled off yesterday here in Chehalis - back to long jeans and jackets. On the up side we still see the sun peek out between the clouds throughout the day. I took Cheye for a walk over to the dog run this morning and met a couple of ladies whose husbands work here at the park. I found out one of the reasons the new dog run area is so big is that the fencing was formerly around the pool area, which is good sized. They upgraded the pool fencing from chain-link to PVC fencing. They then decided to put the chain-link to use by creating a dog run…which I, and Cheyenne, definitely approve of!

Top: Our "patio" area
Middle: The new dog run here at TT Chehalis
Below: views around the park


tampacamper said...

Beautiful pictures! I've never been to that park myself. I like your camper too. I like the CAMP RTV ( ones that have the tent/trailer with the really nice kitchen. It's definitely not a full live-in type camper but it's great for the outdoorsman :)

thanks for sharing the pics

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Tampacamper,

Thanks! I'm not familiar with the camprtv but will have to go check out that site.