Thursday, April 2, 2009

More visiting

On Monday we met our friends up at a restaurant called Ice Harbor Brewing Company on Clover Island in Kennewick, WA. As the name indicates they brew beer but also have a very nice restaurant too. Nothing fancy but really good food. We had a great time visiting.

Yesterday I went in to the accountant and got them started on our taxes. Later I met a couple of friends for lunch. While waiting for my friends to arrive I ran into a couple other people I knew well and sat down with them and caught up just a little. The rest of the day was pretty quiet.

Today we went down to Tri-Cities again, back to the storage unit with some more stuff. From there we went to the Mall and had lunch at Ivar’s, yummy fish there! Costco was another stop along the way where we picked up some things and I ran into my former boss and his wife so we got to chat with them a bit too. All in all we have been having a great time visiting with friends and being in our old home area.

Top: Ice Harbor Brewing Company in Kennewick, WA

Bottom: Sunset in Prosser, WA
Video: Clover Island and driving from Tri-Cities to Prosser, WA


Rodney and Dennis said...

The sunset is almost as nice as Arizona. How do you get all of the colors without pollution? :-)

Dave and Lori said...

Hehe...the wind was gusting again so I imagine the dust/dirt in the air helped!