Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some rain and some visiting

We had an errand day yesterday, nothing really noteworthy except some weather. Rain was predicted but what we got was a real gully washer! After picking up the mail and a few groceries we were driving back to the park and the rain hit…hard! With wipers on full and truck slowed down it was still hard to see. There was some hail mixed in the rain so that added to the fun. It’s a very short distance between the pickup and the trailer but we still got drenched running to the trailer with the bags of groceries.

By morning the weather had cleared up and today was lovely. It was also Kathy’s (Dave’s sister-in-law) birthday. We were invited over for birthday dinner and had a fun time with Jim & Kathy and Kathy’s family. Good food and lots of fun, always a nice combination.

Top: Deer by the trailer
Middle: Recon, Jim's dog
Bottom: Kathy's horses

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