Monday, April 13, 2009

Van Mall RV Park

The park we are staying at, Van Mall RV Park, is a good park. It is very clean, as are the bathrooms and the people are friendly, but it is what we would refer to as a “parking lot“ park - just a nice place to park. In a very handy location for us, about 5 - 10 minutes from Mom’s so I’m sure we will stay here again.

A quieter day today…I took Mom grocery shopping. She is getting around pretty well but is still unable to drive. Later I used Mom’s sewing machine to take care of a couple little projects I had. We made a spaghetti dinner and that was about it for the day!

I had forgot that a couple days ago we found a Dog Park here in Vancouver, not far from Mom’s. We took Cheye there and she seemed to enjoy it…she was a little nervous but I think she got into it before we left. I took a little bit of video there so I’ve included it in my video below.

Views of Van Mall RV Park, Vancouver, WA
Dog park and dog walk


Making Cents of Debt said...

This RV Park has changed ownership and websites. The new website is

Dave and Lori said...

Thanks...I'll fix my link!