Thursday, April 16, 2009

Full-time RVer day

Today was a true full-timer day, no schedule, no commitments, just a day of total relaxation in a beautiful setting...ahhhhhhh……. BTW Dave was kind enough to photo the sun coming up so I could see it too…. I’ve included the photos in the slide show. ;o)

Photo: When we were at Jim & Kathy’s yesterday Cheye pestered Kathy for a raw potato, so Kathy obliged and Cheye was so pleased.
Video: Scenes from today at Thousand Trails Chehalis.


Greg said...

Just catching up with your blog and travels. We were "campmates" at TT Pio Pico a short while back. In PA (Thousand Trails- Hershey)today in final prep for our summer travels back to Alaska. Expect to head out April 22- waiting for the mail to catch up before we leave.Thanks to you guys, I now use a Wilson antenna and booster system that makes all the difference in the world! Our blog is at or Google Gundyville On Wheels.
We'll be guiding in the gold fields at Myers Fork just outside Chicken, AK for the season. Come on up if you get a chance...
Oh, and how can your day be the perfect full timer's day without a repair or two???? (just kidding)
Take care and travel safe!

Dave and Lori said...
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Dave and Lori said...

Your blog is on my Google Reader so I've been following the three of you all along! Glad your trip back to Alaska is coming together for you, sounds like it should be a fun adventure. That Wilson system is pretty darn handy.
I guess it was more of a "dreamy" full timer's day!:o) Happy trails and be safe.


rj mj adventures said...

Again really enjoy your slide show. The TT park is beautiful. Cheye is so funny rolling in the grass. We look forward to seeing you guys sometime this summer. Happy Blogging. I am not doing so good on blogging. My excuse is "I'm too busy" which is a poor one. Keep your blog coming.

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Marilyn,

Thanks... yes this is a really pretty park and we are enjoying it. Cheye really likes the big "Bark Park" they have here. Well, you have been pretty darn busy lately, blog when you can!