Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A little move

The weather has been amazing the the last couple days. Unfortunately the weatherman is telling us it won’t last, but at least we’ve had a few nice days.

We went into Chehalis (WA) yesterday for a few things and picked up lunch at Quizno's. The rest of our time has been spent enjoying the park and weather...both were quite easy to do!

While out on a walk around the park today we decided to move. A couple of coaches had left and one of the sites was quite nice, great view out the back, in an area with a few more trees, sewer hookup and enough of a clearing overhead to get satellite. Sounded like a winning combination so we moved over a “street”. Our last site had satellite but not as good a view or sewer hookup. It’s fun being able to move like that.

Oooooo pretty sunset….I’ll go take a few photos and share!

Top: our new site
Bottom: tonight's fabulous sunset
Video: Views around the Lodge at Thousand Trails Chehalis

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