Monday, April 6, 2009

Really close shave

This morning I took Cheye for a walk around the park. It was crisp, sunny and the smell of cut grass was in the air…it was absolutely beautiful. This was the kind of morning I always loved here in the Yakima Valley. The day went on to be in the 70’s, it was fabulous weather.

We went up to Yakima today and visited with Dave’s sister and brother-in-law again. We had another nice visit. Today was also the day for Cheye’s spa visit; fur cut, shampoo, nails done…the fur cut is her summer cut…as you can see by the photos it’s really short! Later our niece Sarah came by and the three of us had dinner. It was a good time, lots of chatting and catching up.

But I guess I got ahead of myself…yesterday we ran one last load up to the storage unit plus some bags of stuff to Goodwill. We have open storage space in the trailer again… yeah! In the afternoon I went to a local winery with a couple of friends and did some catching up with them. We had a good time talking and tasting some wine. Another great couple of days here in Prosser, WA!

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