Friday, April 24, 2009


We took care of a few errands today, grocery shopping and a stop a Home Depot. Kinda funny, Home Depot used to be a frequent stop to get home and yard improvement stuff for our house in Benton City, but it's not a place we usually stop at anymore. However we’ve been thinking about warm summer weather and wanted to see if they carried foil insulation for windows. Sure enough they sell rolls of it so we picked some up. We love our lovely big windows but when the sun is beating through them it heats up this trailer quickly! We will be able to put it in the windows or take it out easily, like the covers people use for their car windshields, so it will only block our view when really needed. The windows are tinted but since this insulation will completely block the sun it will really help out.

We also visited with Dave’s brother at his trailer sales lot. We walked through a few of the trailers, he had some real nice ones. Always fun to look at new RV’s, and fun to chat with Jim.

Top: Clouds yesterday here in Chehalis, WA
Bottom: Cheye on a walk through the park

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