Friday, May 29, 2009

Still loving Bend

I know I‘ve said this before, but….we are sure enjoying our stay here at Thousand Trails Bend. The weather has been fabulous, cold nights good for sleeping and warm sunny afternoons. Yesterday evening we did have a little thunder storm, very short lived but it came with a little bit of rain too. Made everything smell nice and fresh.

Today I went in to Sunriver to and got my hair trimmed, I also picked up our mail while I was there. I managed to miss one turn on my drive back to the campground so I took the “scenic” route. Our GPS is acting very strangely since we got here. Not sure if it is the area or if Maggie (what we call our Magellan) is loosing it. Guess we will see!

Besides that it was a pretty typical day for us. I worked on my cross stitch, played on the computer, etc. Dave took Cheye to the river for a swim this afternoon, which she loved.

Top: Thousand Trails Bend
1. Our site with Dave using a wide angle lens
2. A happy wet dog!

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