Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lovin’ it in Sunriver

We are so enjoying Thousand Trails Bend we extended our stay for one more week. As I mentioned last time the sites are really large, at least where we are parked. With pine trees surrounding us (yet we can still get satellite coverage) it is really peaceful. I was told that there are supposed to be around 160 RV’s coming in for the holiday weekend, so I may have to retract the “peaceful” part later! ;o)

We’ve been relaxing, reading, surfing the net and going for walks, kinda our usual stuff. The other day Dave got a wild hair (well perhaps that isn’t the best phrase but you know what I mean) to get his hair cut really short, so off it came. Normally I don’t cut his hair but I thought I could handle “really short“. We both think it turned out just fine. Don’t think he has had it this short since he was in the Marines! Even though it saved some $ I don’t think I’ll have him do my hair anytime soon!

Photo: A squirrel by our campsite
Video: Taken on our walk yesterday, mostly following the Deschutes River that goes along side the park


Robin said...

What no picture of Dave's new haircut...I'm dissapointed. I always cut Chad's when he wants to go really short (usually the hotter months) Robin

Dave and Lori said...

Actually you see it on the video. I had tried it years ago and we both decided I should not become a stylist! :o) But this time it turned out fine.

Robin said...

True but not well, not even a close up! That Dave is so camera shy. :-)