Saturday, May 9, 2009

Visiting Mom

The weather here in Vancouver has turned to wonderful sunshine! This area is really beautiful when the sun is out, of course it wouldn’t be so beautiful if it didn’t rain so much to make it green.

We are still visiting with Mom. Tomorrow we will have most of my sister’s family with us for a Mother’s Day barbecue. Should be fun!

While here at Mom’s we have some fabulous internet speeds which is needed to use the “instant movie” feature in Adobe Premiere, the video editing program I use. So of course I had to try it out! Kinda fun. FYI, the video is of Cheye (of course). The ball is a toy you can fill with food and there is a little hole that the food pops out of when she pushes it around….

Photo: Cheye waking up (tried to get her sleeping but she heard me)
Video: Cheye and her food ball at Mom's. Works better here than in the trailer...more floor space! :o)

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