Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Dave and I are back in Las Vegas for Christmas. We arrived on the 15th and have had a nice stay so far…well most of the stay has been nice...I ended up with a flu bug that was not nice but I’m much better now. Our weather has turned a bit not-nice too; cold and windy the last couple days, but at least the wind is supposed to calm down tomorrow.

On the nice side we made it down to the new City Center complex, quite the place from the outside. It just opened, as a matter of fact we were there the day before they were allowing the public inside. We’ve also been out to some yummy meals, to Camping World in Henderson and over to Sam’s Town. Christmas Eve will include dinner out and a show so that will be fun. Hopefully we will make it downtown and back to City Center before we leave.

From Dave, myself & Cheye - whether you’re on the road or in a wheel-less home…have a fabulously Merry Christmas!

Top: our site at Thousand Trails Las Vegas
Middle and bottom: Taken inside Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, NV
Cheye got her Christmas present a couple days early…


Rodney and Dennis said...

Excellent! Will you be returning to Verde Valley anytime soon? We are planning to spend New Year's there with our friends Dave & Bill whom you may have met at Pio Pico in February when we were there. Hope to see you both soon!

Dave and Lori said...

Hi you two!! Our plan is to be back at Verde Valley Dec 29th so we will see you then. Hopefully we won't all be freezing our backsides off...looks to be a bit chilly over there!


shabby girl said...

Oooo, all the lights on the trees make a fairyland!
Loved the video of Cheye with the squirrel feet hanging out of her mouth! LOL!
Merry Christmas!

Dave and Lori said...

Hi! Cheye seems to like her new squirrel, she shows it to Dave & I often and chews on it's tail. Such a funny dog, she makes me laugh every day.
Merry Christmas to you guys too...hope to see you on the road sometime!


sue and doug said...

love the video of Cheyenne with her new present..our boy Tucker is a savage when it comes to "stuffies"..they usually only last maybe a day..stuffing and the squeaker is out within 24 hours..we only buy him the skinny ones stuffing!!..he is the Devil child!!

Dave and Lori said...

LOL... Cheye is just the opposite. She has such a gentle mouth with stuffed toys she almost never makes the toy squeak! Still has one stuffed toy I gave her years ago. But give her a rawhide and she chews that up in minutes. Dogs are such fun!