Monday, January 11, 2010

Off to Texas

We left Thousand Trails Verde Valley early Sunday morning (the 10th) to begin our trip to Texas. Our first stop is at Willcox, AZ at the Magic Circle RV Park. It’s a plain RV park but very clean, fairly level sites, clean restrooms, just off the freeway, and good sized dog run. All in all a perfectly nice place to stay for a night or two.

Today we drove into Tombstone, AZ. It’s a typical tourist place now but still fun to see. We stopped at Boothill Cemetery. Probably most of the people there died due to accidents or illness, however quite a number of people in that cemetery were hung or shot…one guy, Tom Waters, was shot in 1880 because of the color of his shirt! Another, James Hickey was shot in the left temple by William Clayborne for his over-insistence that they drink together. Kind of an interesting insight to how people lived, and died, then.

Top: At Thousand Trails Verde Valley
Right: Sunset at Verde Valley
Slideshow/Video: Photos of Verde Valley, along the way on our trip and Tombstone, AZ

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