Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Our site - the one with the (rental) car
The pickup is still in the shop getting the hail damage fixed.  Originally we were to pick it up this Friday but after stopping by the shop today we found out it's going to be more like Wednesday the 27th.   Since we are scheduled to  leave Thousand Trails on the 28th that is cutting it kinda close!  We had to extend the rental car plus on Monday the 25th we had an appointment to have the trailer roof inspected at Affinity RV in Prescott . Now the plan is to stop there the 28th after we leave Thousand Trails.   Hope it all works out!!!

Two couples we met last spring arrived here, Mike & Joan and John & Sissy.   We all get together everyday at 4 P.M. for happy hour and to swap stories and laugh a lot.  It’s been a fun time.

This morning I took the camera and Cheye up on a nearby hill and looked around for some photo opportunities.  Had to look pretty close for some of these flowers…they are so tiny!  I put the camera lens cover beside some flowers to give you perspective…the cover is about 2 inches across so you can see just how little those pink flowers are.

The house on the left has quite a view!


Sue and Doug said...

Cheyenne is one fine looking golden!!..how she has grown since you first started out!!!

Dave and Lori said...

We think she is pretty special...so very sweet! But then that's what golden's are known for. Thanks!


shabby girl said...

Isn't AZ amazing? The teeeeniest little flowers that manage to erupt and survive year after year.
Great photos!

Dave and Lori said...

Thanks! Yes, we love Arizona, so much beauty in the desert if you just slow down and look for it.