Sunday, July 26, 2009

In the San Diego area

We arrived at Thousand Trails Pio Pico (Jamul, CA) last Thursday. The drive over from Idyllwild was wonderful in our new pickup. Very comfy ride. The weather here has been beautiful so far, in the mid 80’s with a nice breeze.

If you have been to Pio Pico you know that this park is pretty much a dead zone for cell phones. Even using our Wilson Booster we weren’t able to get any reception for either our phone or aircard… no internet for 2 whole days!!! (I only got shaky once or twice ;o) ) Well, this morning we bought a cord that goes from the Wilson and plugs directly into the aircard antenna plug… ta-da connection! So now we have internet at the trailer. Yea! Hopefully it will remain a useable signal while we are here. Unfortunately our phone doesn’t have an antenna plug, so no phone.

This morning we made the short trip into Chula Vista for groceries and such, so nice to have a large town nearby. Our first couple of days here were spent doing very little! Yesterday morning we did go over to the lodge for breakfast and met a nice couple that have been full-timing since 1999. Hope we are able to RV at least 10 years, or even longer!

Top: Our site this morning with the morning fog over the hills
Right: the row we are parked on at Pio Pico
Below: A flower... I have no idea what it is called but I like it!!


Carl and Jackie said...

Aloha! Your flower picture is really pretty! We always called that flower bottle brush...probably not the technical name for it! Your new truck is really pretty too.

Dave and Lori said...

Hi you two!
Ya know Dave said he thought that flower looked like a bottle brush! Our new truck sure is comfy and so much quieter than our old diesel. I'm glad we got it!