Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moved Again

Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes is our current location. Yesterday was a long drive from Thousand Trails San Benito, about 400 miles. Normally we try to keep it to around 200 miles but we decided to go for it yesterday. Tomorrow our friends from Phoenix, Ron & Marilyn will be here too and will stay for a week. Should be fun!!

For those of you that have heard Wilderness Lakes is stinky and full of flies during the hot summer months… well I haven’t noticed any dairy smell at all either yesterday or today and I think there were more flies at San Benito. The temperature was up to 98 yesterday and is in the low 90’s today, so I think the rumors are not necessarily true. Now if the breeze should switch directions… well I’ll let you know!

Photos below:
Creatures here at Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes


little castle said...

We are at Wilderness Lakes right now too. We have been hoping to come across fellow pickleball players since we arrived. We are at site 44 if you are interested.
Nathan and Krystal

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Nathan and Krystal
Gosh...a bit too hot for me to do much other than soak in the pool! Haven't even been doing much walking these past few days, but if I get over by your site I'll say hi!!