Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Montezuma’s Castle

We decided to take a short drive to Montezuma’s Castle National Monument today. The “castle” was built by the Sinagua people. You can see where there were a number of dwellings at one time. They haven’t allowed access to the cliff dwellings since 1951, but the one remaining structure is 5 stories high and has 20 rooms…at least that is what I read somewhere. :o) I’m glad we went, it was an interesting place.

The weather has been a bit blustery this last week. The temperatures have been fine, 70’s - 80’s but the wind has been a factor. However, I’m not going to complain too much….we come from a rather windy area in Eastern Washington. As a matter of fact to the right is a satellite photo of a dust storm that hit our old stomping grounds last Sunday. (here is where I got the photo) I’m glad we weren’t there for that one!

Besides our trip to Montezuma’s Castle we have done our usual walking, computing, reading and such. We also made a trip down to Peoria to have lunch with our friends Ron & Marilyn on Sunday which was very fun. There have been lots of RV’s coming and going throughout the week. Now that it is mostly snowbirds on the road weekdays are as busy as weekends here at Verde Valley. It’s been a great week.

Top: A balloon going over the campground...looks like it's heading to the moon!
Right: a Satellite image of a dust storm over eastern Washington State
1,2 & 3: views of Montezuma's Castle
4: remnants of cliff dwellings

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