Sunday, October 11, 2009

Verde River

Our stay at Thousand Trails Verde Valley continues to be very enjoyable. Today we decided to find the Verde River that flows by the campground. It isn’t visible from where we are parked but you can hear it splashing by. To get to the river you have to go out of the campground through a walk-through gate and then do a little walking though some weeds, over rocks and past the trees. Not far and it was nice to finally see the river.

The days are certainly getting shorter. In the evening we enjoy sitting outside but we have started using our fire-pit as it is getting noticeably cooler too. The park remains busy and we have met a number of really nice people that are passing through on their way south.

Top: Cattails along the Verde River
Right: An interesting bug by the Verde River
1. Verde River
2. Yesterday's sunset
3. Verde River
Video: Dave caught a little video of the hot air balloon that often goes over the park and there is some video of the Verde River.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Cottonwood! Be sure to check out Dead Horse Ranch State Park, also. At sunset, you can take some beautiful photos of Mingus Mountain reflecting on the water, and Cheye will love the walk around the three lagoons. You can also access the Verde River there. If you're looking for a change of pace for a few days, there is an awesome Prescott National Forest campground at the top of Mingus. Some spots, you can look out over the whole Verde Valley. Dead Horse Ranch also has great campgrounds. Thousand Trails is a great place, too. Welcome to Cottonwood! Diane Joens

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Diane,

We've seen the signs to Dead Horse Ranch State Park but haven't been there. We will have to check it out. Even if we didn't stay at Prescott National Forest campground it sounds like a place to go see. Thanks for the info and thanks for the welcome!