Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving in Palm Desert, CA

Our group fixed a nice traditional Thanksgiving dinner today; Sissy cooked the turkey, made the gravy and some collard greens…Phyllis fixed the dressing and baked bread…Anne made a green bean casserole and lemon pears…Joan prepared yams and mashed potatoes while I was in charge of deviled eggs and cranberries.  For desert we bought a Costco chocolate cake.   We set up our “buffet” in Bill & Phyllis’ coach and then set 2 picnic tables in an empty site next to our site (just across the street from Bill & Phyllis) and had our Thanksgiving dinner outside.   What a feast!  It was all so yummy and I am still stuffed even though we ate almost 6 hours ago.  A little cooler weather, only up in the mid 60’s but sunny so eating outside was really pleasant…I know a lot of you had really chilly/cold weather!  We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and hope you all did too!
 Getting ready

Sissy & Joan setting up the tables

Filling up plates



rj mj adventures said...

Happy Thanksgiving...It is all about giving thanks, eating good food with family and friends. It looks like you guys had a great meal. Enjoyed a wonderful meal with some good friends.

Cheers to you both. Happy Thanksgiving.

Moorpark Bike Club said...

I am very impressed with the organizational skills of your group. Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal!

Sue and Doug said...

cheers to you too!!..what a great way to the sunshine doing what you love! lucky you all are!!..happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

Dave and Lori said...

It was a great time, great meal and we were all very thankful to be in a lovely warm area with friends! Thank you all for the warm wishes.