Monday, November 22, 2010

Palm Desert, CA

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We’ve been having a great time at Thousand Trails Palm Springs (which is actually in Palm Desert, CA).  The park is nice, close to shopping and attractions.  We had been concerned about getting in the sites here, lots of date palm trees, but it wasn’t that bad..  Of course it helped that the park was fairly empty when we arrived so we had a little extra wiggle room.

Our friends have all made it here too,  a total of  11 in our group.  We ladies go walking most mornings and we all get together in the evenings.  It’s been a fun time!   Last Thursday Dave & Anne (from England) and Dave & I went to the Villagefest in Palm Springs. The website explains it this way:  Villagefest on Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs every Thursday. Arts, crafts, farmers' market, music and entertainment, shopping.  Fun!!  After wandering through the booths we had dinner at a local restaurant.  A very nice evening!
A roadrunner in the park

Friday Dave & I decided to take a drive over by Borrego Springs, CA  to check out a boondocking area.  It was about an hour drive that passed by the Salton Sea.  We found a few places that would be fun to camp at and plan to stay in that area sometime this winter.  As we drove into the town of Borrego Springs we saw a unique airplane, a V-22 Osprey.  It’s a military plane that can take off and land like a helicopter but then the engines rotate so the props work like a regular prop plane.  Anyway, it was a fun day just out seeing a little more of the area!

Nearby hills

Thousand Trails Palm Springs


The Osprey

Cheye...up close!


Moorpark Bike Club said...

Ah yes, the resident roadrunner. He tends like to roam the campground. Nice photo however!

Sue and Doug said...

its is pretty darn cold here in the great white north..lucky you to be in the sunshine!!..nice close up Cheye!!!

shabby girl said...

Ha! I actually felt a little heart tug at the roadrunner photo! Who knew? Loved the hummer pic, and Cheye!
Are you guys going to be in Verde Valley at all in January??? Willy will be so well behaved!!! Promise.

Dave and Lori said...
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Dave and Lori said...

That roadrunner is a cute little guy! We probably won't be back at Verde until late Feb. or March. Shame ... maybe Cheye would learn something from Willy!!

Yes Sue & Doug, we are lovin' the weather here!