Thursday, December 16, 2010

In the Desert

Ever since we met up with our friends Mike and Joan in Quartzsite we’ve talked about doing some boondocking….so guess what, yep we are back in the desert  near Quartzsite, AZ and loving it!  The area is as if it were made just for RV’s to park, lots of fairly flat gravelly areas sprinkled with cactus, mesquite and other desert vegetation.  Our site is about 6 miles out of town.   This is BLM land so you are allowed to stay in one spot for 14 days and then you are required to move 25 miles from that area…all for free!  Of course there is no electric, water or sewer hook-ups so you learn to conserve.  It’s been a fun to see just how little we can get by on.  We do have a generator but if  there is a lot more boondocking in our future we want to get solar panels and a better inverter.  There is a place in town to dump sewer and get fresh water for a fee so we will have to make a trip into town probably every 7 - 10 days.  

Speaking of trips into town…we’ve been doing a little looking around in Quartzsite.  The big show isn’t until January but there are vendors already setting up.  Quite the selection; clothes, electronics, food, flags, RV parts, crafts and a fair amount of just plain ol’ junk!    We also scouted out a couple of other areas where other friends have camped just to see what else is out there. And then there was a stop at the Quartzsite Bakery…yummmmmmm…these people know how to make pastries and donuts!

Up until this morning we have had fabulous weather, high 70’s to low 80’s in December ain‘t too shabby!  Early this morning the rain started, not unexpected and actually kind of pleasant.  I didn’t think there would be any kind of sunrise because of the weather but Dave was outside with Cheye and he called to me to come out with the camera… a break in the clouds caused an amazing sunrise and there was a rainbow too!   

Lots of sunrise/sunset photos!!....

sunrise in Quartzsite 12/15/10 

sunrise 12/15/10

sunrise 12/15/10

I didn't do anything to this photo...not sure why the colors turned kinda weird but I like it!  sunrise 12/15/10

Quartzsite sunset 12/14/10

sunset 12/14/10

Quartzsite sunrise 12/16/10

sunrise 12/16/10 - I love the way the clouds glowed

Rainbow this morning 12/16/10

Our "pot 'o gold" in the desert! 


On The Go said...

Your photos of the sunrise are FANTASTIC. You need to become a professional photographer. Nice! Mike of Moorpark

Dave and Lori said...

Gosh... thanks Mike!!

mary Westmacott said...

lovely photos,Love this post, thanks for posting, really useful, keep it coming x

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I really liked the picture of the rainbow over your trailer. What a great conformation that you made the right choice of going full time!

Sue and Doug said...

cheye is such a fine looking dog!!!..great sunrise/sunset shots!!!