Friday, December 31, 2010

Borrego Springs

On Tuesday (12/28) we left Quartzsite for  the desert  near Borrego Springs, CA…but we made a little addition before we left…solar panels!  While boondocking were using our generator, battery bank and after market inverter for power, which worked but not very well. Knowing we are going to be doing a lot more boondocking we decided to go solar, so now we have a fabulous system and it’s working out great!  Since we are out boondocking again it’s really great.  :o)

our solar panels up and working in the desert near Borrego Springs, CA

This area is not as gravelly as Quartzsite so finding a spot to park takes a little more looking.  We are much closer to the mountains here, it’s pretty desert country.    The weather hasn’t been real nice, Wednesday night we had a wind storm that rattled the trailer all night.  It’s also cooled way down…all the way to 32 last night.  Still, looking at the temperatures they are having back home, I’m not going to complain.

Our friends Mike and Joan arrived yesterday.  It’s fun to see them again and as they have camped here many times they know their way around…always nice to have someone’s brain to pick when in a new area!

Happy New Year to you all !!

rainbow in the desert...I had to stitch 2 pics together to get the whole thing!
parked near Borrego Springs, CA

storm clouds rolling in 

that's our trailer in the center

This was taken at Quartzsite



Happy New Year, Dave and Lori and Cheyenne!..great shot of the rainbow!..perfection!!..we hope that 2011 will bring you good health, happiness and safe travels!!

Moorpark Bike Club said...

Nice photo of the rainbow. My wife loves computers and "stitching" photos together for one big shot. Works well. We have been to Borrego Springs and noticed the RVs out in the ATV areas. They love to circle up and ride those bikes in the sand. Do some hikes in Borrego SP, there are lots of them. Happy New Year! Mike of Moorpark

Brett said...

Stumbled upon your blog. You guys are doing what most people wish they could do. Have fun and enjoy!!

Happy New Year!!

Moorpark Bike Club said...

I read in a Good Sam magazine that Solar Panels installed on an RV are 30% tax deductable. FYI

cribbage board said...

Wow, It's nice