Sunday, January 9, 2011

Still out in the desert...

Sun and rain...a cool sky at Borrego Srpings

We’ve been boondocking for about a month now…still loving it!  In a few days we are going to head in to a Thousand Trails park and I have to admit I’m looking forward to a long, long shower!  No, I haven’t skipped bathing  while out in the desert, but showers are as quick as you can make them when you’re trying to stretch your water supply as far as possible.   I also need to do some serious grocery shopping.  Poor Cheye is going to be confused, she has become very used to trotting around the desert unhindered by a leash!

Anza-Borrego State Park Vistor Center
Last week we went in to Borrego Springs with our friends Mike & Joan to visit the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Visitor’s Center.  Neat building, it is built into the side of a hill, kind of like a daylight basement.  Inside are some display’s about the desert, printed information and a short film.  There is also an outside display of desert vegetation.  After we left the Visitor’s Center we stopped at Pablitos Mexican Bar & Grill for Margaritas and Fish Tacos….really yummy!

I can’t believe I forgot this little item on my last post;  I was in the bedroom getting ready for the day when I spied this “little” guy on our bedroom wall!   Dave & Cheye were out for a morning walk so I captured the critter in a cup (way too big to squish)…I only screamed once when it almost escaped!  I saved it to show Dave and then we let it go out in the desert.  I think it is a baby tarantula… definitely a good way to get your adrenaline going for the day!

Our site and a pretty sunrise

A dramatic sunrise

A little rainbow and our trailer

A view from the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Visitor Center

At the Visitor Center


Moorpark Bike Club said...

I LOVE Borrego State Park! Lots of flowers, in the spring, to take photos. Did you visit the metal dino statues outside of town? A waterfall hike is just up from the visitor center also. Nice pic of the "killer spider." Mike of Moorpark

Sue and Doug said...

well congrats for boondocking for almost a month!..good for you all! often do you have to hook up an dump the tanks and fill up on water???
Your site is amazing!..what a treat everyday to wake up to that sunrise!!

Long Time Running said...

I know you dont know me but i love reading your blog. My dad and i are taking a week road trip from Monterey, Ca to San Angelo, Tx... any recommendations on where to stop at? neither of us have been anywhere in the direction seeing as we are from ohio...

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Mike... Saw the metal dinos from the road but haven't stopped, they are impressive! We may have to come back to see if we can catch the flowers in bloom.

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Sue and Doug! So far we've been able to make it about 2 weeks before we need to dump/fill...not bad. Had another amazingly orange sunrise this morning but I was too lazy to get up and photograph it :o)

Dave and Lori said...

Hi "Long Time Running"! Your trip sound great! Monterey is so pretty. Depending on which route you take; Vegas is always fun, northern AZ is beautiful;lots of fir forests and the Grand Canyon. Mid and southern AZ with the Saguaro is something to see, love Sedona AZ and we enjoyed Tombstone(touristy but fun). San Antonio is a neat place but not sure you're going that far. Your trip is about 1500 miles so no matter which way you go there is lots to see!

surfponto said...

Great pictures.
I think a big camper will be in my future:-)

Currently we use a Land Cruiser and a Maggiolina Roof Top tent :)


Dave and Lori said...

Hi Bob,

Wow...I've never seen a tent like! Certainly a more rustic style of camping than what we do. Great website too. I just looked around a little but will definitely spend some more time on it.


shabby girl said...

Thousand Trails have the BEST showers! I like the convenience of showering in the MH, but I just don't have the water pressure of the TT showers!
I had to escort several tarantulas out of the house in Sierra Vista, but they were BIG ones. After the first scream, it's pretty easy to capture them & take them outside.
Great photos!

Mollie said...

This sounds like the best of the best ways to live. I'm torn between RV'ing and a house on a South Carolinian beach when we retire. Can't wait to read more and see the gorgeous pictures. Makes me homesick, but in a nice way of course.

Dwrek said...

Wow looks great.