Friday, January 28, 2011

Back at Borrego

pretty desert flower
Gosh…guess it’s been a while since I posted!  We were at Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes preserve for about a week and a half.  After being away from any large town for a month our supplies had dwindled so we did a lot of grocery/supply restocking while we were in town.  Also fit in a haircut, some meals out and finally upgraded my old cell phone.  It was fun being back in civilization, but we were ready to get away to the desert so we returned to the Borrego Springs, CA area.

Ocotillo with a bloom

Yesterday morning Dave and Cheye were outside when a fellow boon-docker and his dog wandered by.  Dave and the man started talking, dogs started playing, when the man asked “Is that Cheyenne?”  Of course Dave is quickly trying to place the guy when the man (Richard) said he sometimes reads the blog.  It sure can be a small world…I’m still amazed he recognized us from the blog!

Things have been pretty quiet here….we have gone for walks out in the desert daily, even found a geo-cache using an app for our new cell phone.  Kinda fun.  There are a few flowers blooming, I’d love to be here when “the bloom” happens but we may be a little early for that.  Reading has been our main occupation, the internet connection is often elusive out here and there hasn’t been much on TV worth wasting the electricity on.  Quiet life, quiet setting…we like it that way!

Cheye enjoying the desert
A cool little hummingbird that visits our feeder
Isn't his "collar" beautiful?  I think the species is: Costa's Hummingbird


Sue and Doug said...

welcome back to blogville!...glad to hear you are enjoying the peace and tranquility of the desert!..great photos today! the one of Cheye!..of, course!

Dave and Lori said...

Hi!! Yea...been a while! I always love your photos of Tucker...I don't let Cheye see them, she'd be jealous of all the water he gets to play in :o)

shabby girl said...

Great pics, as usual! I'm so glad you mentioned the species of hummer so I didn't have to go look it up!
We're leaving VV today, but we've sure enjoyed the peace and quiet for the last three weeks. Don't know when we'll get that again for a while.
Be safe!

Dave and Lori said...

I had never seen a hummer like that so I had to see if I could figure out what it was. Glad your visit to Verde was nice...and safe travels to you guys!!!

melanie said...

really glad i found your blog. keep writing!

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Melanie...I'm glad you enjoy the blog.