Thursday, February 17, 2011

La Posa South

Entrance to La Posa South LTVA

As I mentioned in a previous post, you can only stay  free on the BLM land near Quartzsite for 14 days.  Since our 14 days were up we moved to the La Posa LTVA (long term visitor area).  It’s $40.00 for 2 weeks which includes use of the dump station and fresh water…no electric.  There are a lot more people in the Long Term area than where we were parked out on Plomosa Road, of course you can stay here all season and there is the convenience of the water/sewer amenities.  It’s a huge area, no defined sites so you could spend hours picking a spot.  We had visited some friends that were camped here so we pretty much parked where they had been….easy way to pick a site!

Our site
The vendors that stayed after the “Main Event” here in Quartzsite are thinning out.  We did pick up a few LED replacement lights for the trailer from one of the remaining vendors.  You can definitely feel the heat from the lights in the trailer, not good when you are trying to cool the place down on a hot day…so we replaced a few of the bulbs with cool running (and low amp usage) LED lights.  

The weathermen are threatening  us with clouds and rain over the weekend.  I’m prepared with a few books and jigsaw puzzles.  Of course I’m hoping they are wrong…it’s been so nice today!

View of La Posa LTVA

Firepit by our site

View at La Posa LTVA

Sunset panorama before we left our site off Plomosa in Quartzsite


Barry and Linda said...

Hey Lori am I seeing a third solar panel on that Montanain the picture of your site?

Dave and Lori said...

LOL! I told Dave; I'm going to post this and see if anyone even notices the 3rd panel...and here you are a few hours after I posted! Yes we added one more. On cloudy days (like when we are in WA & OR for the summer)it will help us get the batteries charged up. You have a good eye!

Sue and Doug said...

looks like you are truly enjoying the boondocking experience..good for you for living 'off the grid' so to speak!..have a great weekend!..looks like a nice spot!!

Dave and Lori said...


Yep this boondocking is great. Of course we will still be staying in campgrounds but with the solar and a great inverter we have more options.