Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wet Weather

Rainy day at Quartzsite
The weatherman had said rain for yesterday and by golly that’s what we got.   Amazing how quickly little “streams” appear after a rain here in the desert.  Kinda funny,  two of the many bloggers I follow happen to be in the Quartzsite vicinity… Gundyville (in Brenda AZ) and  RV Boondocking (just leaving Bouse AZ) and they both posted about the weather too.  Guess we are all so used to blue sky and sunshine that a good rain in the desert seems like something to write home about!  I don’t mind if it rains for a day or two…what I don’t enjoy about the rain  is the stinky wet dog smell here in the trailer.  Oh well, that’s part of the deal when you have a pooch!  Not much rain today, broken clouds and breezy…a few big puddles around but the “streams” have all dried up.
Cheye after going out in the rain

We did take a nice walk this morning, out of the park and off into the desert.  Then a quick trip into town for a few groceries and now it’s reading, internet and the Daytona 500.  A very pleasant way to spend Sunday.

Muddy stream from the rain

rainy day

Walk out in the desert

Out in the desert

Another view out in the desert

Cute little Hummer


shabby girl said...

I laughed right out loud at the photo of Cheye "I am not stinky!" So cute. The hummer photo is spectacular!
VERY windy in southern AZ. So much that we had to postpone our departure to TX, but no rain. Happy about that!

Dave and Lori said...

That look on Cheye's face...just so indignant...I figured that was her thought! :o) Shame you are having to postpone your trip but I don't blame you. Driving an RV in strong winds isn't any fun

Sue and Doug said...

nothing like the 'wet dog' smell in a confined space!..poor Cheye..the sun will come out tomorrow!!!..or at least you can hope it will!!

Dave and Lori said...

The wind came up today so Cheye dried out...a definite improvement :o)