Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crater Lake and the High Desert Museum

Our visit to Crater Lake with John and Sissy was fabulous.    Great company,  wonderful weather and beautiful scenery.  I wish the photos were as beautiful as it was in person!

The lodge at Crater Lake

Inside the lodge

A boat out on the lake

Dave and me

Sissy and John

Cheye spotted a Chipmunk

The rock formation is called the Phantom Ship

The day after our Crater Lake trip we visited  the High Desert Museum.  I’m really not a big museum fan and for the price ($14.00 per person)  this one seemed a little pricey for what was there.  However, it was a good outing with friends!  Here are a few pics:

one of the scenes set up in the museum

A stagecoach

Dave and John listening to a "doctor" talking about some of the old snake oil medicines

A sawmill display

A bronze elk statue


Sue and Doug said...

Crater Lake is on our list of 'must see's!..your pictures are just making us want to go even more now!!

Dave and Lori said...

It is an amazing place! Definitely a good choice for your "must see" list. :o)

Jessica said...

I'm very jealous--I went at the end of June and it was still under 10 feet of snow. I want to go back someday when we can drive around it and do some hiking!

leny g said...

This is beauti fullplace in this picture