Monday, September 12, 2011

More outings in the Bend area

Our stay at Thousand Trails Bend is just about over.  John and Sissy left a week ago but before they left we had a couple more outings…we rented canoes here at Thousand Trails and paddled the Little Deschutes river to the Deschutes river.  We had gone on this canoe trip before, but it was definitely more fun to go with friends.  The trip is organized by Thousand Trails, you paddle along to a designated point and then a staff member picks everyone up and drives everyone back to the campground.  A total of 6 couples signed up for the trip (including the 4 of us) so we had lots of company.
On the Little Deschutes  (Sissy's photo)

Took this by pointing the camera over my shoulder...not too bad!  :o)

John and Sissy

John and Sissy about to crash into some brush
Sleepy spectators (good pic Sissy!)
That's Dave and me on the left (again...Sissy's photo)
Pretty scenery along the way

A couple days after the canoe trip we drove up Lava Butte.  Quite a view from up there!
At the base of Lava Butte

That's the highway way down there

Mt. Bachelor and some of the Three Sisters

After taking in the views at Lava Butte John suggested we go to Paulina Lake and drive up a dirt road to Pauline Peak, so we did.  Not a drive for the faint of heart!  The road was very washboard and there are no guard rails along the steep narrow road. ..however the view is fabulous!
Paulina Lake

Paulina Lake on the left, East Lake on the right, see the lava flow just above the green shrubs on the right?
Family photo

Paulina Falls

Since John and Sissy left the only outings we’ve had were to LaPine to grocery shop and then Saturday we went back to LaPine to visit with our friends Steve and Elaine.  We met them up in Randle, WA this summer and found out we’d be in the area about the same time.  We had a nice visit and a yummy dinner at a restaurant in the campground they are staying at (Cascade Meadows).   All-in-all a great visit to the Bend, OR area.


Sue and Doug said...

great photos today, Lori!!..nice views and the canoeing trip looked like it was fun!!!

Dave and Lori said...

Thanks! It was fun...but my shoulders were sure sore the next day!

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So calm... so peaceful... :)

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that's mad as!! your blog makes me wanna go to america

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Wow intresting blog

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Very cool vacation. A little bit of everything in beautiful country.

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So beautiful!

Taipu said...

So beautiful!

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