Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot and cold

I mentioned in my last post that we are above the 4,000 ft. level here at Oakzanita. It certainly makes the day and night temperatures vary; day time temps have been around 93 and at night it is getting as low as 43.

Before we arrived here at Oakzanita some people told us about a trail they enjoy walking here at the camp. We discovered it is right by our campsite and have enjoyed walking it. It’s not a long trail but lots of ups and downs. The path basically takes you from the B section of the park to the A section of the park, just in a very roundabout way.

The campground had a Hawaiian themed weekend so we went to the Luau dinner on Saturday. It was tasty. Just before the dinner they had a local dance school come in and do some Hawaiian and Polynesian style dances. They did a nice job, it was a fun evening.

Top: Panoramic at Oakzanita
Middle: Dave along the trail we found
Bottom: Cheye on the trail
Video: Views of Oakzanita

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